"Friends! Do you believe in a historic moment? If so, now it has arrived! We are making history with you and creating a TOP-club absolutely ""from scratch""! Our goal and dream is to create a professional team that will become the embodiment of all our hopes and dreams for a bright football future! Congratulations to all of us on this historic event!


 What is Ojet and where is it?
 Ojet is Kazakhstan in miniature! Ojet is an ordinary microdistrict of Almaty, which will become a symbol of the whole Kazakhstan! We challenge the current “outsider” position of Kazakh football in Europe!                                                                                                                                                                            
FC Ojet are the knights of the round ball!

Football club rule 1: tell everyone about the football club!
2 rule of the football club: always everywhere and tell everyone about the football club!
3 football club rule:
only 22 footballers and 100,000 fans are participating in a football battle!
4 rule of the football club: victory only in an honest way!
Football club rule 5: football players must fight for the green and white colors!   
Football club rule 6: the match lasts 90 minutes and if this was not enough for us to win, an extra time is assigned, in which the players of our team will score!
7 football club rule:
Raise your kids in love with the Ojet Football Club!
Football club rule 8 and the last one:
if you are at the football club for the first time, you must go to the FC Ojet match. Prohibited:

- Doubt about the future development of FC Ojet

- Clarify relationships with the use of brute physical force in the stadium and beyond

- root for another club besides FC Ojet
- to inflict intentional / intentional injury on an opponent / partner / fan!

- spoil the logo, football uniforms, property of FC Ojet

- Any copying and use of the logo / trademark, brand, design of FC Ojet football uniforms without the consent of the management is strictly prohibited! The form and logo design was developed by Yerlan Espenbetov."

Official logo FC Ojet.

Logo description:

A Hun warrior is depicted wearing armor and football boots. He holds in his left hand a sword (symbolizing strength, power, dignity, leadership, supreme justice, light, courage, vigilance. At the metaphysical level, he personifies the all-pervading mind, the power of the intellect, insight), and in his right is a shield with a green-white shakhovitsa. At the feet of the warrior is a soccer ball.
The Hun warrior symbolizes the siege and conquest of football Europe, a team from the very depths of the Great Steppe.                                                                            


Attention! Any copying and use of the logo without the permission and consent of the club's management is strictly prohibited! This logo was invented by the director of FC Ojet Espenbetov Erlan and is the official trademark of Ojet football club LLP.